Thursday, October 18, 2007

Becoming Adolf

Hitler's Toothbrush mustache is one of the most powerful symbols of the last century, an inch of hair that represents infinite evil. The author had his reasons for deciding to wear one.

by Rich Cohen November 2007

I cut my beard on a Friday. I did what everyone who has ever cut a full beard does: I took it through every configuration. Like passing over the stages of man, or watching cultures rise and fall until the face of Hitler emerged. I went to the closet. What would the Führer wear on a sunny day? It does not matter, I decided. Because I am Hitler—whatever I wear, Hitler is wearing. A dozen Hitlers passed through my mind: Hitler in a sport coat; Hitler in a lab coat. Hitler in a Speedo; Hitler in a Camaro. I shook myself and said, "Get it together, Hitler—you're losing your mind!"

I wore the mustache for about a week. It preceded me into stores and hung in the air after I exited. It sat on my face as I slept. I was Hitler in my dreams. I went to the Jewish Museum. I went to Zabar's. I went to the Met. I went to the modern wing. I said, "All of this art is decadent." I stood on the corner of 82nd and Fifth. I stared into space. When you stare into space with a Toothbrush mustache, you are glowering. You can't help it. You're looking into crowds. You're looking at the names on the census that end in "-berg" and "-stein" while thinking, How do we get all these Juden onto trains? But in the end, my project, in its broader aims, was a failure. Because no matter how long, or how casually, or how sarcastically I wore the mustache, it still belonged to Hitler. You cannot claim it, or own it, or clean it as a drug lord cleans money. Because it's too dirty. Because it's soaked up too much history. It's his, and, as far as I'm concerned, he can keep it. When you wear the Toothbrush mustache, you are wearing the worst story in the world right under your nose.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hitler and the Clown

Hitler is addressing his cabinet and he says: "My plan for the next 6 years is to kill 6 million Jews and one clown". One of his cabinet members is brave enough to ask him "Sir why the clown? "Hitler promptly replies "See, nobody gives a shit about the Jews".

Friday, October 12, 2007

Kotaku: We Can't Freaking Wait To Teabag Hitler

That picture above is Akella's highly publicized digital rendition of Hitler's office. And details like this seem to matter more in a spy story full of real world secrets largely based upon real world people—especially when that's basically what the whole game is about. We're trying to quell our excitement and manage our expectations for the title. But honestly, we can't wait to infiltrate the Nazi regime and teabag the bejesus out of Hitler.


Holocaust Tycoon: board game edition

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hitler's Fan Mail

Excerpts from Dr Eberle's book, Letters to Hitler – a People Writes to its Leader, were published yesterday in Germany's Bild newspaper. Although they were written only early in Hitler's career, shortly after he was released from jail in 1923, they show that he was already being deluged with fan mail.

Here are some examples:
"How does HE stand regarding the question of alcohol?" asks Alfred Barg, in a letter written to Hitler in May 1925. Dr Eberle notes in his book that Hitler rarely set eyes on any of the letters himself but relied primarily on Rudolf Hess, his deputy, to read and reply to them. To Barg's letter, Hess replies nine days later: "Herr Hitler does not drink any alcohol, except for a few drops on very special occasions. He does not smoke at all."

Another letter written by a loyal National Socialist baker asks for permission to bake a new variety of cake which would in future be honoured with the name "Hitler Cake". Hess sniffily refuses because Hitler's strategy is to strictly avoid "kitsch" publicity gimmicks. Likewise, to a woman devotee who has sent the Nazi leader handkerchiefs embroidered with his images, he writes: "I am returning the hand-sewn handkerchiefs. Herr Hitler does not give permission for the manufacture of handkerchiefs with his picture on them."

The letters used for the basis of Dr Eberle's book were kept in files in Hitler's Reich Chancellor's office in Berlin but removed by the Red Army and taken to Moscow at the end of the Second World War.

"Assuming that we are going to get a National Socialist Greater Germany some day, does the NSDAP (Nazi party) favour the colours black, white and red with a Swastika?" Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, replies, "You should know that we will never betray the colours black, white, red nor the Swastika."

From R Niedermayer, a lawyer, on behalf of his client, the recently deceased Mrs Margarete Meindl, July 1925
"I have the honour to inform you that the deceased (Mrs Meindl), who was a great admirer of your political aims, expressed the wish that a large potted palm she kept in her apartment until her death, should be left to you." Hess replies, "I write to inform you that Herr Hitler would like to have the palm. I look forward to receiving details regarding its collection."

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

'Heil Hitler' on YouTube Can Send You to Prison!

After numerous clips showing Nazi salutes were published on YouTube, the Austrian authorities started an investigation over the young soldiers who appeared in them. The Defense Minister Norbert Darabos said for Reuters that all the soldiers were identified and will be soon questioned about the YouTube clips. It seems like the clips were recorded with a mobile phone and showed some Austrian soldiers who were saluting each another using the famous 'Heil Hitler' expression.

"There is zero tolerance for such actions. Those involved will have to answer to the army and the law and take the consequences," the Defense Minister said according to Reuters. "Did these soldiers want to win over others to their convictions or was this perhaps just a drunken party?" Salzburg prosecutor Karl Rene Fuerlinger added for the same source.