Monday, June 30, 2008

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

by Brian Cuban
Would it surprise anyone to learn that there were upwards of 150, 000 soldiers of partial Jewish descent serving in the Nazi army during World War II? I had no idea until I attended a lecture by Bryan Mark Rigg discussing his book entitled Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers. What is even more startling is that Adolf Hitler was aware of this and for a while allowed them to serve. In most cases these soildiers had no knowledge of the Holocaust killing machine. From their point of view they were simple German patriots fighting for their country. Many did not even consider themselves Jewish. Some were unaware of their “Jewish blood”.

Via The Cuban Revolution

Hitler is Amused

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bionic Commando: 8-Bit Nazi Fightin' Action

If you’re a fan of retrogames, you probably know that the NES game Bionic Commando underwent a number of changes to make it more ‘appropriate’ to American audiences. In fact, Bionic Commando originally had a very different name overseas.

Ever wondered why the Badds looked like stormtroopers or why the final boss was a shirtless, Lazarus Pit-spawned Hitler? Uh… because the game was freakin’ called TOP SECRET: The Return of Hitler!

Image and text, Kevin Sung

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Even Adolf had a sense of humor...

In an upcoming book by the last remaining member of Hitler's bunker, Rochus Misch, 90, some new bits of trivia regarding the infamous leader are revealed. Amongst them, this precious little gem of humor:
Hitler recounted how Mrs Goering found her husband waving a baton over his underwear in the bedroom and asked him what he was doing.

"He replied: "I am promoting my underpants to OVERpants""
It's probably way funnier when told by someone with a cute little mustache.

VIA Telegraph

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Munich: Walking tours of Hitler's favorite city

Visiting tourists can't get enough of Adolf Hitler tours in Munich, the southern German city where the dictator nurtured his Nazi Party and, 10 years before he was elected German chancellor, mounted the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. The guided walking tours take sightseers to city sites with Adolf Hitler significance which most Munich natives today are no longer aware of, such as the fact that Hitler gave his first public speech upstairs at the world-famous Hofbraeuhaus beer hall in 1918.
"...a lot of them are curious to know how Hitler came to power," Munichwalktours co-owner Ralph Lluenstroth said. Wilma, 60, from Puerto Rico, said: "I have read so much about this, and I just could not comprehend how the Germans could follow a guy like that. After seeing the place, I can understand it better."

VIA- EarthTimes
Image VIA - Walki-Talki Tours

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rules = Fasiscm

It seems like some people just can't handle rules. As soon as anyone tries to regulate porn on the Internet, people get upset. I found this image in a new contact's stream today and I guess he's upset because of Flickr's policy of wanting people to self-regulate their nude photos with a tag of "moderate" or "restricted" so that people who don't want to see nipples and such don't have to.

It's kind of a silly analogy to make, IMO. While the Third Reich did bring freedom of speech to a halt, their focus was more on politics than erotics. Also, Flickr doesn't seem to have any prison camps for dissidents, they simply delete their accounts.