Thursday, April 5, 2007

Argument lacking substance? Just add Hitler

Every day, there's a pile of new news stories that mention Hitler. Today's search points me to this article which compares global warming to Hitler:
"Those charts ``tell us there's a danger in the future,'' said Belgian delegate Julian Vandeburie, who is in the science policy branch of his government. Vandeburie compared the world's current situation to the Munich peace conference in 1938, when Britain and France had a choice between confronting Hitler and appeasing him: ``We are at the same moment. We have to decide on doing something or not.''
And then there's this story from Fort Wayne, Ohio in which a city councilman is compared to Hitler for trying to get a smoking ban put into place:
"One of the posters show Fort Wayne City Councilman John Crawford with a Hitler mustache alongside Saddam Hussein. Another poster shows him at a Nazi rally."
I call bullshit. These people are being just like Hitler. Godwin's law in action?

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