Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Israeli Jewish Nazis

By Tim McGirk
The last thing you would expect to find in the Jewish state would be homegrown neo-Nazis, but an Israeli court on Sunday jailed eight teenagers for beating up ultra-Orthodox Jews, gays and the elderly, while shouting, "Heil Hitler!"

The same gang of skinheads had painted swastikas and naked women on the doors of a Haifa synagogue. They had also attacked a drug addict in Tel Aviv and forced him to grovel and beg for forgiveness for being a Jew. They videotaped the spectacle and posted it on their website, spliced with clips of Adolf Hitler. And they weren't particularly secretive about their identities, having strutted around the beaches of Tel Aviv showing off their Nazi tattoos.

And yet all of these neo-Nazis are Israelis — one of them is a Jewish teenager whose grandparents survived the Holocaust.

The alienated young men channeled their anger by linking up with neo-Nazi groups back in Russia. A ringleader, Eli "the Nazi" Buatinov, told his gang from the working-class neighborhoods of Petah Tikvah, a bustling town near Tel Aviv, that he would never have children because he didn't want to sire a "piece of trash with even the smallest percentage of Jewish blood." Buatinov was given seven years in jail, the harshest sentence.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hitler reacts to Obama

The Times Online discusses the YouTube/Downfall mashup phenom HERE.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why You Can’t Travel Back in Time and Kill Hitler

By Lauren Davis
  • His Life is a Fixed Event in Time
  • He’s More Clever Than You'd Think
  • You’re Actually Part of a Predestination Paradox
  • His Guards Are Used to Dealing with Time Traveling Assassins
  • You’ll Be Thwarted By Other Time Travelers
  • Killing Him Just Brings About a Potentially Worse Future
  • It’s All Just a Dream
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nazi Sexperiments DVD

Vicious Nazi SS unleash a torrent of sexual brutality upon human guinea pigs! These jaded officers of evil feel no pity! Forced injections of chemicals and sperm torment the subject of Torture of a Slave. A young orphan must endure a Gestapo Ass Fuck. The catalogue of atrocities continues with Hitler's Harlot, The Traitress, a gallery of Nazis in 70s porn, and much more! Special guest 'Mr. 10 ½' Mark Stevens as an anal craving SS officer! 2 Hours!

Buy it for a mere $39.95 (and then rip it to BitTorrent for the rest of us)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pro-Hitler Elementary School Project

By Naomi Levin
"...a project on German culture with written text stating that Hitler was ‘one of the many great things about Germany’ and ‘one of the world’s most powerful dictators ever’.”

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Dinner with Hitler

by Greg Milam

The Flemish state channel VRT has ‘pulled’ a TV cookery show, due for broadcast this week, which was going to show viewers how to cook Adolf Hitler’s favourite meal.

The programme ‘Plat Prefere’ or ‘Favourite Dish’ usually profiles the chosen foods of the celebrities but Hitler’s culinary tastes have been deemed “too sensitive”.

Previous subjects have included Freddie Mercury, Maria Callas and Salvador Dali.

Previews of the Hitler episode had shown TV chef Jeroen Meus visiting the Nazi dictator’s haunts in southern Germany.

Hitler (pictured dining with Eva Braun) is said to have enjoyed trout with butter sauce, which Meus prepared in the show.

It isn’t surprising that Jewish groups led the protests and Michael Freilich, editor of the Jewish affairs magazine in Belgium, has welcomed VRT’s decision.

But, rather like the questions being posed in the UK about the Ross/Brand incident, he asks how the programme slipped through the broadcasters’ guidelines.

He said: "The problem is that Hitler is being featured in a cooking show, without any historical context."

Via Sky

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Liverpool man has Hitler's bus pass siezed.

by Michelle Fiddler

A MAN gave Liverpool police officers a Nazi salute after they found a bus pass bearing the face of Adolf Hitler in his bag.

Liverpool crown court was told father-of-two Arthur Starns shouted the German victory salute “Seig Heil” and shouted racial abuse at one of the two white officers who arrested him.

... as Starns was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, he said “n***er” to one of the police officers.

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