Friday, November 7, 2008

Dinner with Hitler

by Greg Milam

The Flemish state channel VRT has ‘pulled’ a TV cookery show, due for broadcast this week, which was going to show viewers how to cook Adolf Hitler’s favourite meal.

The programme ‘Plat Prefere’ or ‘Favourite Dish’ usually profiles the chosen foods of the celebrities but Hitler’s culinary tastes have been deemed “too sensitive”.

Previous subjects have included Freddie Mercury, Maria Callas and Salvador Dali.

Previews of the Hitler episode had shown TV chef Jeroen Meus visiting the Nazi dictator’s haunts in southern Germany.

Hitler (pictured dining with Eva Braun) is said to have enjoyed trout with butter sauce, which Meus prepared in the show.

It isn’t surprising that Jewish groups led the protests and Michael Freilich, editor of the Jewish affairs magazine in Belgium, has welcomed VRT’s decision.

But, rather like the questions being posed in the UK about the Ross/Brand incident, he asks how the programme slipped through the broadcasters’ guidelines.

He said: "The problem is that Hitler is being featured in a cooking show, without any historical context."

Via Sky

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