Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ken Russell: A Kitten for Hitler

Ken Russell
Ten years ago, while working on
The South Bank Show, Melvyn Bragg and I had a heated discussion on the pros and cons of film censorship. Broadly speaking, Melvyn was against it, while I, much to his surprise, was absolutely for it. He then dared me to write a script that I thought should be banned. I accepted the challenge and a month or so later sent him a short subject entitled A Kitten for Hitler. “Ken,” he said, “if ever you make this film and it is shown, you will be lynched.”

...that was ten years ago, and I’m still alive and kicking, but whether that will still be the case in November only the Lord knows. Because, by the end of October, the film will be seen the world over, on the Comedybox website.

We can't wait!

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This is the link to the film...