Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dr. Who plots to kill Hitler!

Memorable Quotes and Moments
  • Amy: “Loop the loop!”
  • The Doctor: “Permission?” Rory: “Granted.”
  • Rory’s been hiding for hours! And he’s not getting warm.
  • Rory: “Hi Mels…” Mels: “Hi Rory…”
  • Rory: “I’m not gay.” His future wife: “Yes, you are.”
  • The robot duplicate taking off the Nazi’s glasses.
  • Rory punches Hitler!
  • Rory puts Hitler in a closet!
  • Fifteen minutes into the episode, we forget about Hitler!
  • Mel’s reaction to her River Song hair.
  • The Doctor’s reaction to the reference to The Graduate.
  • Sherlock-esque Banana scene. You know what I mean.
  • The Ponds on a motorcycle!
  • Amy: “Can you ride a motorbike?” Rory: “I expect so. It’s that sort of day.”
  • Amelia Pond in her blue coat. My heart always breaks.
  • Mels: “Take off your clothes.” With lots of guns.
Episode Recap

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