Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hitler and John Lennon, both fans of the Neumann Mic

"Before its glorious post war role as a tool for musicians, a Neumann bottle mic was used in 1936 Berlin Olympics as German Chancellor Adolf Hitler opened ceremonies on. Soon the Third Reich used the then groundbreaking clarity of the mikes to "not only transport the words and information, but...emotion." And so often was it used, it gained the nickname Hitlerflasche, or the Hitler Bottle." -Brian Lam

Via Gizmodo, Via NPR

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Anonymous said...

Reading the post one can think that U47 (pictured) is the Neumann bottle microphon that was used by Hitler making his speeches. In fact the microphone bearing the nickname 'Hitlerflasche' was the Neumannn CMV3 also marketed under the brand Telefunken. U47 (used by Beatles, ella Fitzgerald etc.) was first produced in 1947. Hitler, furtunately, did not have a chance to speak into this microphone.