Friday, October 31, 2014

A Russian Fan Site for Nazi's Crowdsources logo

Russia’s Facebook, seems to be a breeding ground for creative and looks-conscious Nazis.
-First the Nazis hold a Miss Hitler pageant.
-Then they launch a Project Runway-style search for the best Nazi designer.-And now a VK group called Aryan Girls, which has close to 7,000 followers, is currently holding an online poll to decide on its new logo.

The group is pretty much what you’d guesswomen with interests in the White Power movementand posts images and opinions such as: “A white woman shouldn’t be ashamed of her ancestors, their knowledge, their talents, her naivety [sic] and her own shyness. White girls are the cutest in their natural manifestations.” It also disseminates swastikas and other Nazi imagery along with Ukrainian nationalist statements.

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