Friday, May 18, 2007

More Hitler than Hitler

Chris Kelly made some really good points in his blog. Here are the highlights:
"It's Hitler season in Washington, and that's a bad sign. Because stopping Hitler is what we say lately whenever we're getting ready to invade somewhere, torture people, and put them in camps. It's a good thing our boogeyman isn't Dracula, or we'd fight him by drinking blood."

"If Bush [had] wanted to go to war with the actual Hitler, who would he say Hitler was like?"

"... maybe the problem was that the Nazis left wounds that will never heal, and calling anyone else Hitler is a really ignorant, ugly and vile way to yank people's chains."

"This raises a whole list of interesting questions. Like: "Wasn't Saddam Hussein Hitler?" And: "Once you've called someone Hitler, and had a war with them, what do you call the next guy?" Giant Hitler? Space Hitler? Hitler EXTREME? Hillary Hitler?"
This is exactly the sort of rhetoric that, no matter how often people say it, never seems to catch on. It makes one wonder where we'd be without our Austrian Bogeyman to compare any so-called enemy to.

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