Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The so-called "Hitler Mouse" Show.

Look, I realize this is a stretch, but they're calling him "Hitler Mouse" in the headlines. Apparently, there's a Palestinian children's show featuring a mouse who is openly critical of Isreal's policy on Palestine, if not openly hateful. Here's a transcript from a scene:

Hazem: "Why did you cheat?"
Farfur: "It was against my will, uncle Hazem, because the Jews destroyed our home, and when the Jews destroyed our home I couldn’t find my notebooks."
Hazem: "By Allah's will, we will promote through Islam good, love and justice. Ask history, and ask the Jews, did they ever live in a time period better than the one they live under Islam. And ask the Christians how their security was assured in the churches and monasteries...Once we were! Do you remember Andalus [Spain and Portugal]? This dear Andalus will return one day.
Sara: We remind you dear kids, that the glory and the civilization of the [Islamic] nation, you shall restore!

Personally, I don't find the text to be all that Hitleriffic, but I can see how it would definitely raise some eyebrows. Frankly, it's just another "+2 Sensational Bonus Attack" headline by way of idiotic comparisons to the Nazis.

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