Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hitler Watches fetch $700,000

The watches, which were discovered in estates in New Jersey, turned into amazing finds for Wellington auctioneers John Farkas and Connie Rose of Antiques and Estates Auctioneers.
Each was sold via auction in Geneva, Switzerland, where the watch market is especially strong.
The sale of the $70,000 watch was finalized about 10 days ago. It had been presented by Hitler to his physician, Dr. Theodor Morell, as Allied fighters were marching toward Germany after D-Day.
The watch includes Hitler’s signature and German words that loosely translate to “July 22, 1944, with most cordial wishes.”
The $621,691 watch, which sold in 2006 and was the auction firm’s largest sale ever, had been presented by Hitler to Hermann Goering, the most powerful man in the Third Reich aside from Hitler. It was Goering who was responsible for stripping Jews of their civil rights, and his zeal led to the creation of the first concentration camps.

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