Monday, July 2, 2007

Over a Million Bush-Hitler Comparisons Made Online

Hatred of George Bush has taken over the Internet. According to Google, the terms "Bush" and "Hitler" appear on the same webpage in about 1.64 million instances. Explicit comparisons are also made. The exact phrase "Bush is Hitler" appears in almost 40,000 webpages.

Hitler targeted the Jewish population in Europe for extermination and many comparison have been made to war in Iraq as a genocide of Iraqis. According to, there is around 70,000 Iraqi casualties thus far in the war. Yet there have been estimations of a factor of 3 more than this. This is far from the 9-11 million predicted death toll count due to the Holocaust.

Comparisons to Hitler is unfathomable but still show the level of hate that a large number of Internet users have. 70% of Americans are against the war in Iraq and this has been the top issue for the 2008 election.

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