Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Astrology Blackout: Hitler's Birthday Edition

Charlie Smith, over at Vancouver's Straight.com, makes an interesting point about the omission of Adolf's birthday in popular astrology celebrity birthday factoids. It seems that most astrologers don't like mentioning the old dead Nazi, but maybe there's a logical reason:

Maybe it's because commenting on the Nazi fuehrer's birthday wouldn't jive with the following descriptions of people born on this day:

* "You have tremendous resilience and fortitude and the strength of character to take on whatever comes your way. You are strong, passionate and persistent." (Eugenia Last)

* "You're a natural leader. You're dynamic, enthusiastic and interested in many things. In your personal life you're very private. You care about your home and your family. Obstacles simply act as a challenge to you." (Georgia Nicols)

Seems to me that if someone has the same birthday as someone as influential as Hitler, they probably ought to be reminded of it.

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